Cranes and Monorails

MONDEL SHOE BRAKES – Industrial and Mill Duty shoe brakes for overhead cranes and other heavy-duty applications. Brakes use a sealed electro-hydraulic actuator for a fast release and spring set, rated for 2000-cycles per hour. Available in many sizes ranging from 5” to 30” wheel diameters

High Quality Heavy Duty Equipment
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VFDs and Shoe Brakes 

Direct factory access and support from the two premier manufactures of variable frequency drives used in overhead cranes and hoists, Magnetek and Power Electronics International. From stand-alone units to complete control packages with enclosures, these modern, state-of-the-art controls deliver a smooth acceleration and deceleration of the hoist, bridge and trolley motors providing very little load swing, improved operator control and much longer crane component life with less downtime.

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